My name is Alex Kmeto and I am a professional comic book artist from California (currently residing in Denver, Colorado) specializing in comic book penciling and inking.

I have recently completed a creator owned Comic Book that I have written and produced myself entitled "Raiva", which has just been released (click "COMICS" tab).  I was fortunate enough to have the great Jimmy Palmiotti help and guide me throughout this project.  Thanks to Gabriel Cassatta for his colors on the covers and Steve Wands for his lettering.

My past projects include working with Jacob Semahn of Image Comics' "Goners".  I have also contributed to several anthologies with other up and coming artists and writers.  Over the last few years as I've been honing my skills as a comic book artist, I've been able to increasingly draw on my experiences as a part-time investigator in a criminal defense firm. My current job as a Certified Personal Trainer has been extremely helpful in my continuing studies of human anatomy and motion.  My past experience as an actor and film student in Los Angeles have also given me a leg up on story telling, shot selection, and beats, enabling me to bring the characters and places I draw to life.

I'm capable of providing art for any genre (super heroes, sci-fi, crime, comedy, etc).  Drawing strong female characters is also a strength of mine.  Regardless of the genre, I always emphasize what I believe to be at the heart of the comic book medium: well "acted" exciting plots, and dynamic story-telling.

Color samples were colored by Sean Callahan and Gabriel Cassata.

Black Widow, Amazing Spider-Man, Rogue, Deadpool, Ironman, and She-Hulk are properties of Marvel Entertainment.  Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn are properties of DC Entertainment.